Starting From Scratch – coming back from confidence knocks

This year I’m intending to make the most of New Years resolution season but getting myself back in the saddle with my writing. It’s been an epically intense couple of months at my day job and I certainly haven’t emerged unscathed. Constant criticisms from my current manager about my written work and the quality of it have made me seriously doubt my potential ability as a writer and as a result it’s been exceptionally rare for me to be able to risk opening up and continuing work on my novel or even (as you may have noticed!) this blog.
Several chats with former managers later I’ve come to realise that part of the issue is simply a difference in our approach to written work. I suspect that his style is more effective for the informative work that we need to produce day to day in the office and I still have a lot to learn on that front; but it turns out that a lot of the criticisms are aimed at things that I have learnt to do in creative writing classes.
Going forward this year I need to work harder to make sure that the way that I have written something is suited to the medium that I’m writing for and in the format that it needs to be. I remember being told at the beginning of the first creative writing course that I did that they were going to spend the next few months unteaching everything that we had learnt about writing at school, I appear to have made the mistake of carrying that message over into my day job.
So I guess my new writing resolution for this year is to learn to separate out my own writing from the documents that I have to draft at work and to improve my skills at both! Anyone need to join me?


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