Wandering Storylines

I’ve been watching Game of Thrones recently. (yes I have been a bit slow on the uptake!) It has got me thinking about storylines and the way we write them in our novels compared to how we used to make up stories in our heads when we were little. Game of thrones and its sudden twists and changes and meandering story lines reminds me much more of the kind of thing that I remember making up in my in my head as a child, though admittedly without the adult content. Now when I sit down to write a novel and plan it I don’t let myself do the same thing instead of simply letting my imagination wander and take me where it will, instead I sit and plan minutely to make sure that every little detail adds up together. It makes it easier to get on and write but it definitely results in a loss of spontaneity. I’m told that George RR Martin doesnt plot, so maybe that is why the finished product comes out the way that it does. There will always be some of us that plot and some of us that don’t and that will create two very different types of books and storylines, I don’t personally think that either one is better than the other I just think that one or other will appeal to us all in different ways at different time.

Maybe George RR Martin appeals to us all so much because its so unpredictable and that reminds us of the way that our own imaginations work, granted a beautifully plotted novel gives us a chance to feel a sense of completion in what we’ve read but the epic style feels more human and more like real life somehow. There is certainly a place for both of them, the popularity of both proves that! I’m looking forward to seeing where the Game of Thrones story line takes us.


2 thoughts on “Wandering Storylines

  1. I’m at the stage now, where I write what comes naturally to my brain. I have stopped worrying about plot, sub plots and all the ways you are supposed to craft a novel. I enjoy writing, but not all the other stuff that comes with it.
    Far too old for it to matter much, anyway…

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