Terry Pratchett

We all learnt this week of the death of Sir Terry Pratchett. I wanted to write a quick post this week discussing what I had taken away from my own reading of Pratchett’s work.

My own exposure to Pratchett’s books has so far been through his Discworld novels. Being a complete Christmasphile my favourite Pratchett Novel has always been Hogfather, I loved the way that it played on the way that we carry out our current Christmas traditions but at the same time turned them upside down to create something new, fun and accessible. The true genius of Pratchett’s books is the way that they make the completely implausible and insane somehow entirely plausible through the use of satire and my taking the time to carefully set out the rules in his carefully crafted world. He was one of the very few writers who was effectively able to combine the fantasy genre with comedy to brilliant effect.

With his passing I genuinely believe that we have lost one of the great writers of our generation and he will be sorely missed but we will all go on enjoying his books again and again and he will not be forgotten. I like to think that he will now be going off to be greeted by the very character that he created and crafted so well and of whom we are all so fond. In Pratchett’s own words:-

Despite rumour, Death isn’t cruel — merely terribly, terribly good at his job.


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