About me and my blog

Hey Everyone!

I’m Sarah Knight.

After spending years merely being an avid reader of pretty much anything that would stand still long enough and watcher of any TV series or film I could get hold of, I’ve finally decided to turn my love of stories into some writing of my own.

I know i’m not the only one out there trying to break into the writing world so I’ve decided to pull together some of what I’ve learnt including many of the mistakes I’ve made along the way so that you can all learn from it too. I may even throw in some samples of things I’ve written as I’ve been learning and comments about some of the books I’ve read.

Expect a leaning towards fantasy and crime writing as thats what I’m currently most interested in!

I hope at least a little bit of what I’ve put on here is of use to some of you.

Best of Luck with your own Journeys into writing!


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